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11 Steps to Secure Your WordPress Site and Deter Those Nasty Hackers

By: Chris Moore
WordPress Hacker

** Note from Matt ** Recently, our site was hacked. We were being told by customers and readers that our site was redirecting them to “adult” sites. We were losing sales, we were losing visitors, and we just generally looked bad to any new visitors coming to our site… We panicked a little and hunted for a solution to this. We couldn’t find any articles or information about this issue. Then, due to the amazing power of Facebook groups, a magician named Chris Moore popped up to save the day. Chris quickly cleaned up our sites and put some security measures in place to...

Rapid Listbuilding For Hypergrowth

By: Matt Wolfe
Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 10.45.52 AM

Not too long ago, Bradley and I had the amazing opportunity to learn some strategies from Clay Collins, the creator of LeadPages. He taught us his best list building strategies and showed off some templates that anyone could use for free. To date, this has been one of (if not) our most popular webinars we’ve ever done. Clay just teaches so much and really dives in. Bradley and I weren’t even doing a lot of the things that Clay recommended. Since we’ve had so much demand for a replay of this webinar, we thought we’d create a blog post here so that it is permanently av...

23 Things That You Can Do To Get Your Blog Post Seen Everywhere

By: Matt Wolfe
Online marketing tools

Traffic seems to be the one thing that people obsess over the most when it comes to blogging. In fact, it’s probably one of the biggest reasons people give for why they don’t start blogging. They’re afraid no one will come to their site. People seem to constantly look for that “magic bullet” traffic technique… That one method that’s going to send them a windfall of traffic. It’s true that viral traffic can happen overnight. However, you never know where it’s going to come from. It takes effort on many fronts to get that traffic flowing ...

5 Content Publishing Models For Your Blog — Which One Are You?

By: Bradley Will

Maybe you love to write. Maybe you hate it… Or maybe you are brand new to blogging and you feel like you lack credibility. Whatever your situation, the truth is that it’s still possible for you to build a wildly successful blog. Let me explain… By focusing on the right publishing model, you may feel reborn with passion to finally share your voice with the world. This article will show you how to identify the right publishing model for you and why this is a critical part of your blog strategy. A publishing model is the format you use to produce your blog content. And not all for...

What we love about Marie Forleo's blog

By: Matt Wolfe
Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 12.19.30 PM

Marie Forleo’s blog has been one of the largest influences on us here at Learn To Blog. There’s so much that we love about it. Her opt-in the header is awesome, her intriguing opt-in in the footer is really cool, she’s making money selling her own products, and she’s always giving tons and tons of value in her blog posts. If you like these reviews and want us to review your site on Learn To Blog, make sure that you are one of our insiders, we’re going to start reviewing Insider blogs very shortly, giving members extra exposure amazing insights in to what they ...

Learn How To Get Your First Website Online In A Matter Of Minutes

By: Matt Wolfe
web hosting concept

Most people seem to think that it’s extremely complicated to get their first website online… You have to deal with hosting, domain names, coding (or hiring coders), and on and on… The truth is that it really isn’t that difficult to get your website online and running. In fact, you can literally have a website online in about 15 minutes from right now if you wanted to… No programming needed, no hiring coders… In fact, there’s really nothing that technical about it at all. Watch this quick video and follow along with me as I show you exactly how to ge...

A Simple Strategy To Make Money From Blogging

By: Matt Wolfe
Gorilla Businessman Wanting to Make Money With Earth

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money with your blog… Here’s a strategy to implement affiliate marketing in to any blog.

Choosing the Right Options and Settings for Your WordPress Blog

By: David Ford

Do you want your blog to be indexed by search engines or you simply want to keep it as a private affair? Wanna add www to your site or rather prefer to use a non-www version? Well, the requirements and preferences of all of us vary and a self-hosted WordPress blog gives you plenty of options to fine-tune your site as per your choices. But at times, especially for a beginner, these options can be quite overwhelming and you may find yourself scratching your head trying to figure out the right setting for your blog. So, what are the important settings you should be caring about and how do the...

Crank Up Your Copy: Ideas to Improve Your Content

By: Kali Hawlk
Notepad on a wooden table

If you’re blogging for business – or running a blog for a business – you need to have stellar copy. The best ideas, arguments, and offers won’t get you any new clients or convert readers into loyal followers if they are conveyed poorly. The quality of your copy matters when it comes to determining your blogging success. You may be an incredible speaker, a wise consultant, or an inspiring teacher. But if you’re blogging, all this could be lost on your readers if they don’t like your way with words. Writing is the primary medium when it comes to selling ourselves online. Even podc...

Building Your Audience: Use What You've Got!

By: Dominic Griego
Audience at a music festival

There is a special name for folks who start a blog and expect it to flourish in a matter of days. They are called disappointed people. What’s wrong? I posted my blog to Facebook and Twitter. I used a clever hashtag and everything! I even had four ‘Like’s’! Why is no one coming to my blog?  If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Many a bloggers have been where you are and felt what you’re feeling. The question is: how do you get out of it? How do you go from having your only comments be from your proud mother to actually garnering new and interested t...