Affiliate Disclosure

Disclosure of Affiliate Relationships

To learn how to write your own affiliate disclosure, read this article.

No business can do everything itself…

There are so many great products and services available to you online. Often we make references to these companies, who some we know personally and some we are just fans and customers of their products and services. Just you would treat Uncle Joe to a nice dinner for referring one of his friends to your business to say thanks, affiliate relationships work in the same way.

Except on the internet, companies give you a link to track the people whom you refer. Some companies pay for referrals as a smart way to gain new customers. So while browsing our site, we want to be very transparent and let you know that we take the FTC guidelines seriously.

Please assume the following about the links and content you find on

  • Any of the links you find on can be affiliate links to various products and services and we get paid a commission if you make a purchase with the provider.
  • When you purchase a product through one of the companies we suggest, understand that you are not paying more for that product or service. The companies pay us a commission just as they would any other marketing cost and they deduct that from their share of the pie.
  • When you buy a product from another service provider, you are not holding Learn To Blog LLC liable for any dissatisfaction you may have with the product or service. To be supported on your purchase, you understand you must contact the company directly.
  • Know that it is our policy at, that our team or writers purchase/use product or service first before recommending it. We don’t give reviews for products we do not use and you can expect that we would review the products honestly whether we are to receive affiliate compensation or not.
  • We do not accept compensation in exchange for writing reviews on products and services.

This blog was created first and foremost with a passion for helping you succeed and we put that trust you have with us ahead of any affiliate relationships. We do greatly appreciate those of you who use our tracking links for referrals to our affiliate partners.