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She Travels the World, Blogs About It, and Earns $6k Per Month Doing It

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“Don’t let what other travel bloggers are doing intimidate you – find your own way and your own story, and the rest will follow.” It’s the glamorous life. Traveling the world, snapping photos, unexpected adventures, indulging in the local cuisine, and creating lifelong memories. Picture this as your job and you get paid to write about your experiences. For some, …

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How We Get 70% Conversions On Our Landing Pages

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The debate continues… Everyday people ask us: “Which landing page tool should I be using?”

Well, this video explains which tool we have been using (with our WordPress blog) to get over 70% conversions on our landing pages. Not only that, the pages you can create with this tool take 5 minutes and are easier to create than tying your shoe (and I’m a bunny ears guy). And you can also create high converting Thank You pages, Sales pages, Order Pages, Cart pages and Launch pages.