How to Get A-List Bloggers to Promote Your Blog

In Blog Tips, Traffic by Allison Boyer0 Comments

Imagine this: you wake up tomorrow morning and ten of the top bloggers in your niche decided to promote your blog. If that’s not enough to put a smile on your face, now imagine that they, along with hundreds of other bloggers, promote your blog every time you write a new post. Despite what you may think, the key to …

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Email Template Ideas: Get Your Guest Posts Published

In Blog Tips, Traffic by Christopher Cuna3 Comments

Guest Blogging is one of the most effective ways to promote your blog. Creating great content isn’t enough. The first hurdle you’ll have to pass is getting your email read.  Everyone has experienced moments where their pitches failed to meet a site’s standards. If you experience this a lot, there could be a problem on how you craft your email.  As …

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5 Things to Include In Every Blog Post

In Blog Tips by Charissa Struble0 Comments

Blogging is a great way to get to know your audience.  It puts you directly into contact with them.  It provides you with an opportunity to explain, in detail, the products and services your business offers.  It gives you the chance to give a voice to your blog, answer questions, and address some of the concerns your customers might face …

New Blog? – Here’s How You Kickstart It To Guarantee Success

In Blog Tips by Matt Wolfe11 Comments

I recently did something over on my personal blog at… I attempted (and successfully completed) a 30 day blog challenge. In this challenge, I wrote a new blog post every single day for 30 days, including the weekends. After running this little experiment, I now recommend that everyone who starts a blog, kickstarts it by giving themselves their own …

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First Steps to Making Money as a Mom Blogger

In Blog Tips by Kim Constable8 Comments

Moms are flat out busy. When I set out to make money from home, the idea of starting my first blog was very different than the reality. My blog took an astounding amount of my time; far more than I would have ever wanted or planned. My lack of experience and planning meant that I was learning on the job, …

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How To Boost Your Blog Profitability Without Traffic

In Blog Tips by Sean Vosler15 Comments

Chances are that if you’re running a blog, your ultimate goal is to generate leads and sales—with the added bonus of a steady cash flow. Here, I will share a method that will transform the ‘extra leads’ your blog generates into a long-term and consistent stream of income…on top of the sales you’re already generating. I’ll also cover three methods …