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Email Template Ideas: Get Your Guest Posts Published

In Blog Tips, Traffic by Christopher Cuna3 Comments

Guest Blogging is one of the most effective ways to promote your blog. Creating great content isn’t enough. The first hurdle you’ll have to pass is getting your email read.  Everyone has experienced moments where their pitches failed to meet a site’s standards. If you experience this a lot, there could be a problem on how you craft your email.  As …

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10 Steps To Leveraging The Marketing Power Of Twitter

In Traffic by Leslie Jones0 Comments

Unless you have been under a rock in the deepest abyss of the ocean for the last few years, you’ve heard plenty about Twitter.  Unavoidably, you’ve probably heard that a lot of businesses use Twitter for marketing purposes.  In fact, the only way that you don’t know that many businesses use Twitter as a marketing tool is if a big …

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The SEO Strategy That Still Works For Me

In Traffic by Matt Wolfe28 Comments

In a previous blog post, I discussed a case study I did where I promoted an affiliate product that still makes sales for me today. I talked a little bit about my traffic strategy to generate perpetual traffic to the page but I didn’t feel like I went in-depth enough… I busted out a little notepad and mapped out the …