30 Days of Content – A Challenge to Rapidly Transform Your Blog

A simple path to unlocking your inner creative genius and getting your blog noticed in 30 days or less — even if you are not a writer.

You decided to start a blog for a reason…

Think about all the ideas, thoughts, lessons, and stories you have learned along your journey in life.

More importantly, think about all of the people across the globe who are going online and eagerly searching. Searching for information to solve a problem or to find a story that they can relate to.

That one person is out there in the world who after consuming your content, you will profoundly impact their life. But, since the content you intended to write is still just an idea in your head or laying in a notebook somewhere, they end up settling.

Is YOUR potential audience settling for the next best thing?

Look, I understand everything that holds people back from publishing content online. I’ve experienced it all myself…

  • I don’t have the time to write content.
  • What are people going to say about me?
  • Blogging is too difficult to understand.
  • I don’t know what to write about.
  • Where do I even start?

But, what if there was a way to remove everything that standing between you and your expression of words and content and tap into your true creativity?

Bloggers often get caught up in comparisons to what everyone else is doing, what theme or plugins use, or how they are going to make money from all of this.

It’s not that these things aren’t important, they are just not the most important thing.

We want to zero in on the ONE THING that is going to make the biggest impact.

So recently, I asked myself how I could help the community at LearnToBlog.com (and myself) overcome everything that is blocking their creativity and develop a habitual content routine.

A content routine that not only includes writing for ourselves but actually publishing it for the world to consume.

Completely transforming blogging into something that “I get to do” versus something that “I have to do”.

The answer was staring me right in the face…

A painter paints. A sculptor sculpts. A writer writes.

Blogging is art. Your art. Your expression.

If you find yourself asking yourself (and your friends), “Am I really a writer? Am I really an artist?” chances are you are. The counterfeit innovator is wildly self-confident. The real one is scared to death.

–Stephen Pressfield (the War of Art)

The only way we can win the creative battles is to create our way through them. To create every day until we strengthen that muscle.

This sparked an idea…

Starting Tuesday, November 17th 2015, I am initiating a global challenge that will ignite your blog and creative genius so that you end 2015 with a bang.

It’s called the 30-Days of Content Challenge and the goal is simple:

To guide you in publishing one piece of content, EVERYDAY, for 30 days.

Ambitious? Absolutely!

Drastic changes require drastic measures.

By making this a daily practice, we stop putting it off for the future and we learn how to produce more impactful content in a shorter amount of time.

Like working out, or eating healthy, I know how difficult it can be to create a new habit. Which is why we’ve set this up so that you can have the best chance to succeed.

Each day as part of your routine, you will write and publish ONE piece of content. It could be for your blog or a guest blog. It can be 100 words or 1,000 words.

How it looks it NOT important.

By taking the pressure off of yourself of needing your blog posts to fit in a certain box, you free yourself. Put yourself in an inspiring environment, and just write. Let it take shape.

Day after day you will find your writing efficiency begin to rise.

What is important is you creating a new habit and you to falling in love with the creative process, not getting caught up in the editing, optimization, or marketing of your posts (that can come later).

We’ll celebrate your success with you by allowing you to link your posts to our private community so that people can see the works of art you created and give feedback. We will collect some of the best content to feature in the LearnToBlog network of 90k subscribers.

Here’s what happens when you accept the challenge:

  1. Fill out your registration form following the instructions on this page
  2. You will be invited to a private Facebook group of other passionate entrepreneurs and difference makers
  3. Each day you will post a link to your daily blog post to the group (that’s how we know you are doing it)
  4. Periodically we will email you expert tips that will aid in your content creation
  5. BONUS: LearnToBlog will run a series of surprise contests throughout the challenge that you can win simply by creating your daily content

A fair warning to you…

This is NOT going to be easy. And this might sting a little bit, but I do NOT want you to join the challenge if you know you are not committed to full participation.

It’s going to be hard and you may even want to quit.

But, just imagine standing at the finish line with a stockpile of content true to who you are that makes your and your mission discoverable online and attracts your dream customer while you sleep.

Think about all the people you can help…

Rules of the Challenge…

  • The challenge beings Tuesday, November 17th and ends December 17th, 2015
  • The contest is 100% FREE for you to join
  • Publish one blog post per day
  • There are no length requirements for your posts — do what feels right to you
  • Posts can be on your blog or guest posts
  • If you miss a day, keep going and try to make up for it later on


Frequently Asked Questions

[accordion_item title=”Can I use any blogging platform?”]Yes, you can use any blogging platform (WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, etc.)[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=”What if I don’t have a blog?”]If you do not have a blog, you can set one up quickly using WordPress. We are also extending our free WordPress blog setup service for people who don’t have a blog online. Just let me know in the registration form that you do not have a blog and we can help you set this up.[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=”Yeah, but won’t I be sacrificing quality for quantity?”]High-quality content does not mean something has to take a ton of time. It’s about efficiency. And letting go of the image of having to be perfect and editing and re-editing your posts.[/accordion_item]

Everything great begins with taking the first step…

My hope is that this simple challenge can help spark something great within you.

By then end of the challenge, you will have a stockpile of content that you can use to market your mission and make yourself discoverable online (if you are not already doing this).

You can get validation on your thoughts and ideas. You can use this to build trust with your prospective audience or as assets you create for your email autoresponder.

Maybe this is the start of a book or even a paid product. Once you have content, you can reuse it whatever way you would like. The possibilities are endless, which is why I hope you take action and join me on this journey.

The hardest part is just getting started and once you have started to maintain that momentum going forward.

This will force you to operate at your highest level and prove to yourself what you are capable of. One post per day is quite a bit of content.

But, once this challenge is over, you will look back and be able to say “Yes, I did that”.


Now it’s your turn…

If you are on board, do me a favor and also comment below letting me know that you are in and what topics you are going to blog about.

Onward and upward!

Bradley Will


Bradley Will

Bradley is the Founder of LearnToBlog.com. He is crazy about marketing, pit bulls, traveling and creating new adventures. And he really, really believes that you were put on this earth to do something special. 😉

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Bradley Will

Bradley Will

Bradley is the Founder of LearnToBlog.com. He is crazy about marketing, pit bulls, traveling and creating new adventures. And he really, really believes that you were put on this earth to do something special. ;-)