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With thousands of students spanning over 45 countries and counting, Learn To Blog helps passionate people grow their blog and make an income online. This page is to celebrate the success of our students. Take a look at the people just like you who have created success with blogging.

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“This is H O T !! I took about 90 days and studied what you taught…I did what you recommended and I set everything up the way you said.

Saturday 8-4-12 at 4:03 PM EDT, I launched In our first 24 hours, we had $675 in sales. This is all before any promotion, YouTube video advertising…nothing, nada, zip, zero. This is truly remarkable. What you teach, the advice you give and the philosophy you prescribe is as solid and dependable as the North Star.

At 63, a non technical schmo, went from zero to Hero in 3 months.

I just got up this morning to find my PayPal account heavy with cash…all while I slept.

You said it would work if we did our part. Send me the Kool Aid….I’m drinking it!!!

August 4 is my Independence Day from the man. I know my retirement and my future are secure. This would have been impossible without you.

If you ever wonder if you have the power to change lives, rest assured…you do! Thank you Matt Wolfe.”

-David Rodwell

“Ever have your site go down? I did a plug-in update this morning and after that my site went WEIRD. Can you say PANIC?

So where was the first place I ran to? You got it… right over to

It was there that I learned how to back up my site. It was there that I learned how to reinstall those back-ups. However, because this stuff doesn’t happen every day (THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT), I felt the need for a little refresher.

So even though I’ve gone through most of the material and have a much better foundation for WordPress thanks to, I TRULY APPRECIATE the fact that I can return again and again to use it as a reference.

Sure enough, I found exactly what I needed and had my site back up and running within 20 minutes!

This is a most valuable resource – when I look back at 2012, I will mark my investment in LearnToBlog Premium as one of the wisest things I did this year!

All the best from Toronto.”

-Russ Hamel

Howdy, I am the Missoula SEO Guru, I teach a 20 hour WordPress Marketing class at the local adult education center 3 quarters out of the year. I also help run our local monthly WordPress Meetup. I check in to LearnToBlog to help me prepare for my classes. The up to date information on Plugins, the forum and so much more keep me up to date.

I love the new layout as now it is even easier to find information. I think that LearnToBlog is the most comprehensive WordPress training on the planet right now and it is written in a way that is accessible to both newbies and advanced WordPress users alike.

If you are a WordPress user this is a MUST have in your Toolbox.

Missoula SEO Guru

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