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Want to Make Money Blogging? Build An Email List

In Blog Tips by Eugene Hennie3 Comments

A lot of people want to start a blog and make money. If you ask people, they will tell you that the blog market is saturated, and you can’t make money. Lies. “If you have a blog about smurfs, smurf if up.” – Gary Vaynerchuk As funny as that sounds, it’s true. You can make money talking about anything online. …

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How We Get 70% Conversions On Our Landing Pages

In Case Studies by Bradley Will7 Comments

The debate continues… Everyday people ask us: “Which landing page tool should I be using?”

Well, this video explains which tool we have been using (with our WordPress blog) to get over 70% conversions on our landing pages. Not only that, the pages you can create with this tool take 5 minutes and are easier to create than tying your shoe (and I’m a bunny ears guy). And you can also create high converting Thank You pages, Sales pages, Order Pages, Cart pages and Launch pages.

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Email Template Ideas: Get Your Guest Posts Published

In Blog Tips, Traffic by Christopher Cuna3 Comments

Guest Blogging is one of the most effective ways to promote your blog. Creating great content isn’t enough. The first hurdle you’ll have to pass is getting your email read.  Everyone has experienced moments where their pitches failed to meet a site’s standards. If you experience this a lot, there could be a problem on how you craft your email.  As …