Learn How To Get Your First Website Online In A Matter Of Minutes

Most people seem to think that it’s extremely complicated to get their first website online… You have to deal with hosting, domain names, coding (or hiring coders), and on and on…

The truth is that it really isn’t that difficult to get your website online and running. In fact, you can literally have a website online in about 15 minutes from right now if you wanted to… No programming needed, no hiring coders… In fact, there’s really nothing that technical about it at all.

Watch this quick video and follow along with me as I show you exactly how to get your website online right now. It’s simple.

So it’s really that simple.

1. Create an account with Hostgator (Coupon code “LearnToBlog1” gets you 30% off)

2. Install WordPress through Quickinstall

3. Pick your favorite WordPress theme

4. Start writing your blog posts

Anyone can have a blog online within minutes.

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