7 Tweet Types To Get Your Business Noticed Among The Twitter Noise

Twitter Growth

There is a big difference between using Twitter for business and using Twitter for business effectively. In other words, you cannot expect to create a profile, send out a few tweets here and there, and gain a huge following. Despite the crazy growth of Twitter over the past couple of years, things just don’t work this way.

Do I really even need a Twitter account? There is no rule saying your business has to use this social media service. Neglecting to do so, however, could be costing you a lot of money.

Before we get into the seven tweet types you should be using, let’s take a closer look at a few stats that are sure to get you excited:

Are you beginning to get the point? Are you beginning to see that using Twitter for business is one of the best ways to connect with potential buyers?

Try these Tweet Types

Now that you know the stats and understand why you should be using Twitter, the time has come for you to formulate a strategy. This leads to one very important question: what types of tweets are you going to send out to followers? You don’t want to take a “scatter gun” approach, hoping that something eventually sticks.

Here are seven tweet types that allow you to better engage with followers, attract a new audience, increase interaction, and much more. And if you need a little motivation, we have included a tweet that fits the mold of each type.

Make an Announcement

Did you recently release a new product or service? Did you receive an award from an industry organization? Did you hire a key employee? Did you open a new office?

There are many types of announcements you can make, all of which will be of great interest to your audience.


Ask a Question

The more interaction you have with your audience the better. One of the best ways to promote this is by asking questions. For example, here are a few questions a clothing retailer could ask:

  • What is your favorite thing to wear during the winter months?
  • What was the last piece of clothes you purchased and why?
  • Can you share with us your favorite shopping experience?

These types of questions can go a long way in drumming up meaningful conversation. Not to mention the fact that they can help secure new customers.


State an Interesting Fact

There is nothing wrong with using Twitter as a teaching platform, especially if you have an interesting fact to share. This can be related to your business, your industry, or another generalized topic.

Just the same as asking a question, when you share interesting facts you can expect others to chime in. Again, anything that has the potential to stir up a conversation is worth tweeting to your audience.

Solve a Problem, Answer a Question

Do you ever take the time to read what your followers are saying? If not, you are missing out on a great opportunity to solve a problem or answer somebody’s question.

As your followers grow, so does the chance that you will come across somebody asking a question that you can answer. By doing so, this person is going to give you many thanks. On top of this, you are sure to stick in the back of their mind.

Promote a Blog Post

If you are the type who is using Twitter for business you are probably the type who realizes the benefits of maintaining a high quality corporate blog.

While you are sure to drum up interest for each blog post in a variety of ways, don’t overlook the benefits of tweeting the URL to your followers. This is a particularly good idea if past blog posts have been retweeted without your prompting.

Tip: there is nothing wrong with promoting a blog post, but you don’t want to take things too far. This is not something you want to do day in and day out, as your audience will eventually become “blind” to what you are saying.

Retweet a Follower

What are you going to do if you run out of things to say? Your brain won’t be empty forever, but there may be times when you don’t have anything of value to share with your audience.

This is when it makes good sense to retweet what others are saying. Here are some of the benefits:

  • It fills a void, allowing you to stay active without forcing a tweet that doesn’t fit
  • The person you retweet is going to be happy that you did so, as this helps them grow their Twitter presence
  • Increases the chance that the person will retweet one of your tweets in the future, even if it is only to return the favor


Tips, Tips, and more Tips

Your followers are following you for a reason: they value what you have to say. If you can share tips, even those that are far from earth shattering, you will be helping somebody out.

For example, the tweet below from the Food Network is a great example. Many people may already know this, but others are sure to find the information useful.

If you want to become an authority in your industry, it is essential to share tips and advice as often as possible.


Are you doing the Right Thing?

Even if you experiment with the seven tweet types detailed above, you may wonder if you are doing the right thing. Here are three ways to determine if your tweets are bringing value to your followers:

  • Are others retweeting what you have to say? If so, you know you are doing something right. Take note of which tweets are receiving the most retweets, and then focus more on these types in the future.
  • Your followers are responding to your tweets, especially when you ask a question. If your primary goal is to increase interaction, chart how many people respond to your tweets and what they have to say.
  • Did anybody like it enough to click “favorite?” Just the same as retweets and responses, when somebody “favorites” your tweet it shows that they really like what you had to say.

There used to be a time when many businesses did not fully understand the benefits of using Twitter. Guess what? Those days are long gone. In today’s world, if you aren’t using Twitter you are missing out on a big opportunity while probably losing ground to your competitors.

If the time has come for your business to take full advantage of Twitter, the seven tweet types detailed above will help you hit the ground running.

How To Use Google Hangouts On Air To Promote Your Brand

With the steady and significant uptick in algorithm updates since 2004, Google has notified the internet of the importance of quality. The king of search has always set the standard when it comes to search engine etiquette, and its search facility still serves as a major gateway for website traffic. Although the avenues available for large-scale traffic have widened to accept social media authority and activity, gaining traction with as many mass market distribution vehicles as possible is paramount to creating a well-known digital blueprint.

Many of the methods for online customer acquisition have changed, but there are still some free workflows that deliver as much value as many of the best paid solutions. The common ingredients to making them work are a little knowledge, and a bit of elbow grease. Once you get over the shallow learning curve, rinsing and repeating becomes routine.

Google Hangouts has proven to be a disruptor to the online web conferencing scene, in that it provides a free solution with many of the same features that were previously only available for a steep monthly price. While there are many advanced ways to integrate this technology, including utilizing flash media servers, Amazon EC2 hosting, and multiple premium WordPress plugins to take advantage of the technology, we will show you how to get up and running with the essentials.

A setup of this nature is not only feature-rich and cost-effective, but very powerful when it comes to organically attracting, engaging, and converting new visitors into clients, customers, fans, and sales.

Upsides and Downsides of Google Hangouts on Air (GHO)


  • Free to use
  • Streams live on your Google+ Profile and your Youtube channel (with most accounts)
  • Recorded content shows up prominently in search results (at the moment)
  • Highly engaging, trusted format that builds credibility, and allows for “selling without selling”


  • Video resolution is not always the best
  • Need to be creative to promote your event beforehand (no pre-event permanent URL)
  • Takes a few dress rehearsals to understand the workflow
  • While viewing is unlimited, only 10 live producers can present the event at the same time

Basic Layout

On the left side of your main GHO dashboard, you’ll see a few icons that you will use to make the user experience ripe with collaboration and interactivity. Keep in mind that only users who access the Hangout through your Google+ profile will be able to take advantage of all of the features.

The top icon is for inviting friends to your Hangout. If you are inviting people who are already in your Google Circles, then it’s easy to copy the URL at the top of your Hangout window, and paste it in an email, or wherever. If invitees are not already in your circle, then there may be issues with signup, reminders, and the like.

The next icon down is used to popup a chat window, in the event that you need to have a moderated conversation with an attendee or attendees while the event is going on. Here, you can paste relevant links and resources that you deem useful for your audience in real-time. Another icon allows you to share your screen.

Near the bottom of the menu is a Google Drive icon that allows you to share documents during the live session. Attendees can collaborate on active documents without writing over the work of other attendees. The sky is the limit when the live video aspect is combined with the collaborative documents feature.


Google Hangouts on Air Pre-Event Flight Check

Just as an airplane goes through a flight check, you’ll want to follow a routine with your GHO workflow for maximum efficiency. While snags are a part of technology, each delay dilutes the effectiveness of your live and post-event efforts. Keep in mind that as the number of presenters grows, so do the logistics, including different time zones, microphone setups, and internet speeds, to name a few.

The first step in synchronizing producers is making sure that each presenter has a Google+ account from Gmail. It’s a good idea to email presenters a screenshot of the Gmail dashboard, and direct them to the Google+ signup link that appears in the top right or left corner:


If they haven’t already, it is a good idea to make sure presenters have filled out their name and avatar profile information. Other essentials include a photo, a tidbit on their personal background in the description area, and their display name.

HOA Presenter Setup

Whether you opt to do a dress rehearsal or send setup instructions to your group of presenters, the professionalism of your GHO presentation is directly related to your preparation. Coming off as unpolished does lend itself to authenticity to an extent, however, large gaffes will decrease the trust and credibility that comes with this presentation medium.

Here are a few general tips to remember when aiming for nice-looking presentations:

  • Maintain ample lighting (computer cameras have a habit of producing dark video)
  • Mute your microphone (unless you are speaking)
  • Choose a quiet area (even computer “humming” can be loud on camera)
  • If possible, angle your camera down on your face, and position yourself so that you are visible from the shoulders up

Combining Google+ Events With GHO

Creating a GHO event is a great way to leverage the search engine power of Hangouts, and increase awareness of your product or service long after your event has passed. Take these steps to integrate Google Events, and Hangouts:

  1. Create a Google+ Community
  2. Share your event from the share box
  3. Clicking on the “Text” icon will create your event
    • Name and write a description for your event (as mentioned earlier, no pre-event Hangout URL is available)
  4. Under your event advanced settings, click the “On Air” button (this alerts event attendees that your event is a virtual one rather than a physical one)
  5. Just prior to starting your event, navigate to the Hangouts menu, and click the “Start a Hangout on Air” button
  6. Get the Youtube URL from the embed link located at the top right of the Hangout dashboard, navigate to the Google Community you just created, and click on the Video icon

    • Share your Youtube URL in the share box (now it is automatically shared in your Google Community and Google+ pages)
  7. Press “Start” to begin recording the broadcast, and “End” to finish

Your Google Community followers can now see which events are being live-broadcast, and view them even after the event. If you wish to delete the recording, you can do so from your Youtube Video Manager associated with its respective Google Plus account.

This should give you the tools you need to start running successful Google Hangouts on Air. Regularly doing so will give you consistent access to a pipeline of new potential customers and fans of your products and services. Combined with their increased shelf-life due to organic search, GHO can be a vital part of a comprehensive new media outreach campaign.

The SEO Strategy That Still Works For Me

In a previous blog post, I discussed a case study I did where I promoted an affiliate product that still makes sales for me today. I talked a little bit about my traffic strategy to generate perpetual traffic to the page but I didn’t feel like I went in-depth enough…

I busted out a little notepad and mapped out the traffic strategy that I used. After mapping it out, it still looked like a bit of a spagetti bowl. I decided to make this video to give a bit better of an explanation of my traffic strategy.

Enjoy the video:

Some of you may be skeptical about this strategy and some of you may actually try it. All I know is that this exact process worked amazingly for me and I’ve used it over and over again since with the same results and with very competitive keywords.

Give it a look and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

If you’re looking for even more talk about traffic strategies, consider becoming an Insider today. We’ve got tons of additional training on how to generate traffic to any site you want.