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Welcome to the brand new This site was created with one purpose… To create the number one resource on the internet to learn everything there is to know about blogging and making money with blogging. is the result of two long-time professional bloggers teaming up to create something epic. Myself (Matt Wolfe), creator of The WordPress Classroom, and author of the best-selling book, WordPress Revealed, and Bradley Will, founder of Free Blog Factory and blogger at thought that if we teamed up, pooled our resources, and wrote about what we were most passionate about, we could build something truly amazing in the blogging world.

The result of that effort is right here at

We’re lining up some of the biggest names and the most knowledgable experts to contribute to our resource here. We want a one-stop resource for everything blogging, written by the experts that live and breathe blogging every single day.

We also wanted to allow people to take their education to the next level by offering a premium area where we dive in even deeper on the things that really work to make people money and allow them to leave successful careers to blog about the things they love.

We truly believe that is something special that will grow in to the largest blogging resource that the internet has ever seen. Keep an eye on this space because you are seeing the beginning of something truly epic.


Matt Wolfe


Matt Wolfe

Matt Wolfe was one of the original founders of as well as the author of the Amazon bestseller, WordPress Revealed. Matt also runs a design and consultation service and has taught over 30,000 people how to get their websites online and working for them. Find Matt's personal rants and Tips at

  • sajinilakshika

    Thank you for this wonderful post……loved reading it

    • Matt Wolfe

      @sajinilakshika Thank you. The blog is off to a slow start. However, I promise a ton of great stuff is on the way!

  • ryhana

    Thank you for the webinar…Ryhana

    • Matt Wolfe

      @ryhana Thanks for hanging out with us!

  • jaylynne

    Hey Matt and Bradley! Love the way the new site is coming together. I like the idea of having the private FB site too. I’m starting to get more people coming back into the forum too.

    I still need to watch the new content to become familiar with all that is in here. I am looking forward to learn more about the blogging so I can improve all of my sites.

    Good Job Guys!


    • Thanks Jay! The new site / FB page are so much more engaged than the way we used to do it. Things are moving great!

  • LisaLomas

    Looking forward to sharing you and your affiliate program if ever you have one.