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Do you write epic content?

Learn To Blog teaches the world the secrets behind successful blogs.

This takes shape through long form (2,000+ words) raw interviews and case studies of bloggers who are making a full-time income online.

We like to dive into the details. You are making money? Got a huge email list? Prove it … send us the screenshots.

This community loves to see the proof. They love hearing about the struggle. They know what they are reading is honest and real. They like stories they can relate to (not people who reached the pinnacle of blogging).

Our audience is 90% women age 35 – 65. They like to see the proof and hear about the struggle.

You need to knows how to ask the right questions and can get the subject to share the juicy details.

Why Learn To Blog?

It’s our mission to inspire movement makers to build a platform where they can share their message with the world.

LTB gets you through doors. Our name alone will help you land interviews with successful bloggers. We promote our interviews to our network and through paid traffic.

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This will allow you to learn about blogging from the best of the best. Also, your name will be featured on our platform.

Examples of our interviews:

Read through some of our past interviews to get a feel for our style and they type of questions we like to ask.

  1. She Travels the World, Blogs About It, and Earns $6k Per Month Doing It
  2. How One Woman Blogged Her Way to a $20,000 Per Month Ornament Empire
  3. She’s Quitting Her Hospital Job to Become a Full-Time Food Blogger

NOTE: We used to accept guest posts. We are no longer doing that. Interviews and case studies ONLY.

Here’s how you apply…

Send us an email linking to three of your past interviews and to your LinkedIn profile.

Don’t have any interviews?

Go chase down a successful blogger earning a full-time living as a direct result of their blog.

Construct your own interview questions (do NOT use the Learn To Blog name to get the interview).

And put it into a fully formatted long form interview. Model our existing interviews. Ask questions from the perspective of our audience.

Send the email to write[at] with the subject line “Bananas” (so we know you’ve read this). We’ll follow up with you from there. Thanks.