New Blog? – Here’s How You Kickstart It To Guarantee Success

Action Plan

I recently did something over on my personal blog at

I attempted (and successfully completed) a 30 day blog challenge.

In this challenge, I wrote a new blog post every single day for 30 days, including the weekends.

After running this little experiment, I now recommend that everyone who starts a blog, kickstarts it by giving themselves their own 30 day challenge.

Reasons for a 30 day challenge:

1. It tests how passionate and excited you are about the topic. If you can’t blog about something for 30 days, you may be going down the wrong road. I’ll give you some tips on how to constantly have enough to talk about in a minute. However, if you struggle too much with your topic, you may have picked the wrong topic.

2. It quickly builds your blog’s archives. People have a hard time taking a blog seriously if there’s only 3 or 4 posts on the blog total. This causes a big problem for blogs just starting out. It’s difficult to gain traction or build momentum when there’s not much for new visitors to see.

3. The SEO benefits are awesome. Neil Patel from Quicksprout did some research on 20 of the most successful blogs. One thing he learned was that posting more frequently helps you get more traffic. The blogs that posted daily or even multiple times per day seemed to build traffic much quicker than blogs that only posted once per week or a few times per month.

4. It gets you in the habit of writing. Once you’ve written for 30 days straight, you’ve created a habit. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit… This has been scientifically disproven, however, 30 days straight definitely doesn’t hurt to get in to a groove with blogging.

5. You will improve your writing skills. Being a good writer is a learned skill. It’s a skill that gets better with practice.

6. You will learn how to dig deeper on your topic. Most people learn that after about 5 or 6 days, they struggle with what to talk about next on their topic. Forcing yourself to write on that topic daily, you’ll learn how to dig deeper, finding sub-topics of your main topic. You’ll learn how to research and find more things that would interest you’re potential audience.

I know that a 30 day challenge sounds a bit daunting… The truth is that it is going to be hard. That’s why it’s a challenge. However, with a little bit of game planning, and bit of a template, you should be just fine.

Start by listing out 30 topics that you can blog about in your first 30 days…

Here’s a list of post types to help you get your 30 posts:

1. Start with the posts you already know you’re going to write. There’s probably already 5 or 6 ideas that you have for posts. Write these down and make these your “Pillar Posts”. Pillar posts are the posts that you spend the most time on. These are the posts that you put a ton of research in to, that you know will get shared, and that you’re most excited about writing. Spread these throughout your 30 days. These are going to be some of the main magnets to your blog.

2. Think of 4 or 5 list posts that you can create. Top 10 experts in your industry, the 7 most influential blogs to your niche, etc… These lists posts are great because they tend to get shared a lot. Often times, you’ll see the people or the websites that you mention in the post sharing your post because they’re honored to be mentioned.

3. Think of who you can interview in your niche. Interview one or two people and either use the video, audio, or transcribe the text to a blog post.

4. Create a multi-part blog series. During my 30 day challenge, I used 4 of the days creating a multi-part training on how to effectively build a mailing list. Is there any long topics that you can break up over multiple days?

5. Are you getting some blog comments? Pick out some of the best comments or questions you’ve received on your blog and turn your response in to a full blog post.

6. Create case studies. Talk about something you’ve tried or seen someone else try in your niche. Turn it in to a case study on that topic.

7. Tap current events. Check out Google trends or Yahoo’s homepage to get insight in to some hot topics. Can any of those topics be related back to your blog’s niche? Leveraging current events is a great way to get your blog post shared.

8. Create a post with a list of your favorite blog posts from other bloggers. If you read a lot of blogs yourself, compile a list of your favorite posts from the week and share them with your readers.

9. Create a YouTube video and post it to your blog. With WordPress, you can just copy and paste the YouTube URL in to a post and the video will magically appear. Having videos of you teaching or explaining something is a great way to build credibility and a bit of celebrity in your niche.

10. Towards the end of the challenge, link back to your favorite posts of the month. It’s always a good idea to create internal links to your other posts anyway. Use the end of the challenge as an opportunity to show off all the posts you’ve written.

11. Create a Google Alert. With Google Alerts, you can tell Google to send you an email whenever a new website pops up in their database talking about your specific topic. Have them email you whenever your topic is mentioned. Check out the posts being mentioned and use those for inspiration for posts.

Everyone should do a 30 day challenge to kick start their blog.

Jump Start Action PlanJust to hammer this point home, when I did a 30 day challenge over on my blog, I grew from 0 visitors per day to averaging somewhere around 100 visitors per day. During that time period, my list grew by a couple hundred subscribers, and several of my posts where shared by other blogs. It was the kickstart that site needed.

I haven’t posted on that blog very recently and, to this day, it still receives somewhere around 50 visitors per day.

All I did was write consistently.

So if you’re wondering where to start, stop wondering! This is it. Even if your blog has already been going for a bit and you haven’t seen much interest from others, use this as your jumper cables to kick new life in to the blog.

I promise that you will be shocked by the results (pun intended).

Let me know your thoughts. What are some additional ideas for blog posts? Can you think of other reasons a 30 day challenge is helpful?

I’m looking forward to interacting in the comments!

By the way, there’s a ton more ideas for keeping up with content in the Insiders Member Area. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already.


Matt Wolfe

Matt Wolfe was one of the original founders of as well as the author of the Amazon bestseller, WordPress Revealed. Matt also runs a design and consultation service and has taught over 30,000 people how to get their websites online and working for them. Find Matt's personal rants and Tips at

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Matt Wolfe

Matt Wolfe was one of the original founders of as well as the author of the Amazon bestseller, WordPress Revealed. Matt also runs a design and consultation service and has taught over 30,000 people how to get their websites online and working for them. Find Matt's personal rants and Tips at

  • Hey Matt! Great blog post here. I was thinking about doing the 30 day blog challenge for myself as well. It seems like I am already on a roll. I have 2 blogs, however. For me, I personally love to tie in my personal experiences into my blog posts. Since I am a fun person šŸ™‚ I like to write about the concerts I went to, the places I traveled around the world, and mindset shifts I have had during my years on this planet. I have been thinking about writing some book reviews, and questions from clients are always good, plus creating blog posts out of responses I get from a survey work too. I don’t know if I am fortunate or unfortunate, but it seems like almost every day, someone has something to say that doesn’t sit well with me— I blog about that too!

  • This is a great idea. I’m doing a version of it for my new site. (Instead of posting 7 days a week, I post on Mondays – Fridays.) What helps me is to have a daily theme: (i.e. Motivational Monday, Time Tip Tuesdays, etc.)

  • Very good tips thank you, I’m enjoying these posts

  • Hi Matt,
    The idea sounds very challenging!
    I started to blog about SEO and every post that I put out there takes me many hours to prepare, as I do a lot of research while I am writing it, to make sure my info is up to date and I don’t miss anything about that subject. So, it will take me a few hours every day to write a post, time that I don’t really have.
    Do you think I should give up quality over quantity? I don’t feel comfortable doing that, because my readers appreciate my posts quality a lot. On the other hand, I need to dramatically increase the number of my blog readers.
    I’m thinking to introduce a new category, about let’s say, online marketing tips that would take less time to write, and do a 30 day blog posting challenge.

    What do you think?

  • Hi Matt

    I’m doing this right now, I’ve come to find out that doing something for 30 days or more becomes a habit good or bad, so what we want to do is start good habits with our blogging.

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  • I have been referring to this article 1x a week. Very useful tips!

  • Hi Matt,

    I am new to your site and I have been engrossed in your blogā€¦ reading so many posts. I am not new to blogging, however, I have been stumbling along trying to figure this whole blogging thing out on my own and then along comes ‘Learn to Blog’. I am so elated to be finding the very answers to my questions over the past months. I’m going to implement the 30 day Blog Challenge for sure. I look forward to learning what it takes to have a great blog that has great content and many followers.

    Thanks again! I’m so glad to be here.

    Warmest Regards,

  • Hey Matt, just found your article – perfect timing – after several years behind the scenes I am starting my own blog right now. This was a great advice.

    Just today finished my blog launch plan – things like social media account establishment, configuration of some settings, getting first few articles to make sure I can launch it for Google, etc.

    Looking forward to read more awesome tips from you!

  • Beard Bandit

    Hey Nina, love to follow your blog. What is it?

  • Vic

    Great article. Thanks.